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Webhook of the week - Twitter

Building support for Twitter webhooks in Hookalu presented me with a unique set of challenges. Initially the implementation looked similar to some of the bigger services I’ve done.

Webhook of the week - Facebook

I’ve put off a few large webhook sources for a while, not so much for the actual code complexity of the implementation, but more for how long it would take to get through all the documentation.

Webhook of the week - Dwolla

I’ve completed integrations for many e-commerce webhook sources as you’ve learned from past articles. Dwolla was a great next choice, especially for their developer focus that pairs well with our focus here at Hookalu.

Webhook of the week - Asana

I was looking forward to adding a new webhook source integration for Asana for quite some time. Their documentation describes important features of a great webhook implementation that includes a full API, unique event ID and timestamp, plus HMAC-SHA256 signed payloads.

Webhook of the week - Authorize.Net

I feel that commerce solutions benefit greatly from webhook integrations, so I looked forward to adding an important webhook source for Authorize.Net. They provide excellent support for a variety of events, strong security, and clean API access.

Webhook of the week - Coinbase

I looked forward to building my first webhook source to support developers working with cryptocurrency, and Coinbase looked like a good place to start. I was expecting a pretty typical integration, but found one of the more unique and challenging efforts I’ve had so far.